Hurray! YOUR Invest 2024 Traders & Investors Summit Have Been Reserved. Don't miss another opportunity to get the best out of the market in 2024...Take Action Now

Hello Investors and Traders,

The year is coming to an end and whether you like it or not, 2024 is going to come whether you have planned about it or not.

This goes not to emphasize the importance of planning your new year. Precisely, your continuous financial growth and development.

When I mentioned planning, it is not just to plan but also to take action where the need be in order to protect your investment...

Because it is absolutely the only thing that you have control over. You can't control the government or economic policies bearing in mind that a lot of policies that the government have implemented will either have a positive effect or a negative effect on the economy.

Furthermore, planning gives you the blueprint of how to manage your investments in 2024, the exact stocks that will help you reach your 2024 investment target. A lot will happen in 2024 and it will cut across the financial market, economy, politics and trades so we must prepare ourselves. Besides, it is either you plan to succeed or you follow the crowd who don't understand how things work in the market in 2024.

I know that you will be wondering how can you plan and succeed in your 2024 investment goals especially now that it glaring that 2024 will be a different year. However, you do not need to bother much because InvestData Consulting Limited is available to continue to render learning and financial education so that we can always take advantage of the market to enhance our hard-earned money in any market cycle. In addition, InvestData will also help you with the sectors of the economy that will boom next year and also know the exact stocks to put your hard-earned cash and get the best out of it.

As a market reader and trading coach, I hear stories daily of challenges many investors and traders face in today’s market, for which we seek to provide actionable solutions that are beneficial to every type of market player, especially at a time when the stock market had rallied for four consecutive years. Within the period, the market broke its 2008 peak and hit a new all-time high in the history of NGX. So, No matter your experience level, or your portfolio balance.

we are excited to invite you to our upcoming Invest 2024 Traders & Investors Summit, a live online investment conference where a trusted team of experts and professionals will share strategies that have allowed them stay ahead of any market situation on the NGX for decades.

This summit is all about giving you a competitive edge, boosting the bottom line of your portfolio, while enhancing your confidence, no matter your investing and trading experience.

As a result, I hereby announce the Invest 2024 Traders & Investors’ Summit. Theme: Navigating Nigeria’s Economic Reality With Diversified Portfolio & Investing Strategies.

It will hold on Saturday 2nd December 2023

Time: 9:00am

and it will be via Zoom.

Wondering??? Why you must not miss the Invest 2024 Summit?

Invest 2024 is a not-to-be missed summit capable of completely changing your view about where the economy and stock market are headed and when you should fully plunge in or hold cash.  Join the experts and experienced professionals to discuss a Big Picture Perspective of where the stock market and other investment windows are currently placed and what signs to be vigilant about over the coming months and year 2024.  Don’t miss this summit.


Invest 2023 Summit ROI that is making participants Joyous and Happy

Last Year Invest 2023 Summit ROI was an Average of 103.86%. I don't want to waste much of your time. Please find below the Average that the Invest 2023 summit did for Investors and Traders. The good thing is that they are already positioning themselves and can't wait for the next 10 hot stocks.

If you need me to convince you further, please watch the below Video where I took my time to do the analysis.

Not Convinced enough to take action, here is the Video Analysis of Last Year's Invest 2023 Summit which delivered an average ROI of 103.86%

Great! Apart from the Hot Stocks which I can't wait to take position in 2024, what other benefit will I get?

To effectively take advantage of changing trading patterns and the oscillating stock market, active traders and investors must stay ahead of the new market structure and conversant with strategies used by institutional investors or smart money.

So in this EIGHT-HOUR class, you will learn strategies and techniques on how to create cash flow and capture winning trades in any market cycle.

  • How to take advantage of the correction for huge profit
  • Strategies to stay in profit, overcome market correction/pullbacks
  • How to hedge against inflation and preserve your portfolio
  • Understanding the power of liquidity and circular flow of funds in financial markets
  • Risk/return from Bonds to stocks right now.
  • Commodity trading as another investment window to boost return
  • The exact sectors and tickers you should be looking at this volatile market
  • Market events and others you can use to trade in any market situation
  • 10 Golden Stocks for 2024

How much is Registration Fee?

Registration Fee is N35,000

Decision Time!

Decision Time!

Now, here is the decision time, in other to finalize your spot for the InvestData 2024 Seminar Via Zoom on 2nd December, 2023 09:00am Prompt, you need to complete the below STEP

Please Pay 35,000 into InvestData Consulting Limited Zenith Bank 1013815737. After Payment Send the details of your payment including name, email address and phone number to 08028164085 to complete your reservation.

Like I promised, Below are the 7 analysts (plus the topics they will be analyzing) that have been selected to handle core topics capable of giving a full grasp of InvestData 2024 Workshop. See you on the other side of winners...

Mr Glbert Ayoola Mr Glbert Ayoola, Investment/Business Advisor

NGX ETFs Products As Investment Alternatives In 2024.

Tope Ojo Tope Ojo, Managing Partner, Tope & Tunde Estate Surveyors & Valuers

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Hyper-Inflationary Environment Of Today.

Mr Aruna Kabira Jimoh Mr Aruna Kabira Jimoh, Managing Director/CEO Globalview Capital Ltd

Where To Shop On NASD/OTC Market For Profitable Trading in 2024 & Beyond

Mr Teriba Adeboye, Mr Teriba Adeboye, , MD/CEO, Qualinvest Capital ltd

Current Reality Of Rising Inflation & Mixed Interest Rate Outlook: Where Is the Fixed Income Market In Wealth Creation In 2024

Mr Abdul-Rasheed Momoh Mr Abdul-Rasheed Momoh, Head Capital Market, TRW Stockbroking Limited

Managing Investment & Trading Risks: Using Technical Analysis/Indicators

Mr. Ambrose Omordion Mr. Ambrose Omordion, CRO Investdata Consulting Ltd

Trading With Numbers & Dates: 10 Golden Stocks For 2024

, Mr Abiola Rasaq, CSCS Plc

Nigeria’s Economic Challenges: Surprising Insights For Profitable Investing- Economic Policies and the 2024 National Budget.