Your Positioning Becomes Your Portfolio Position Q2 2023.

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Dear Investors and Traders,

A season is a period of the year that is distinguished by special climate conditions. In Nigeria, The central regions are governed by a well-defined single rainy season (April to September) and dry season (December to March). The dry season is influenced by the Harmattan wind from the Sahara. Coastal areas experience a short drier season with most rain occurring over March to October.

Season in Business...

In business, seasonality plays an important role. Oftentimes, it is the cause of otherwise unexplained increases and decreases in sales. Those who lack an understanding of an industry's natural cycle might misdiagnose a decline in sales, especially if it lasts longer than two months.

A change in seasons facilitates change in self and knowledge

Every change of seasons is a good time to review intentions, in fact. Some investor only set intentions once per year (usually on January 1st). There are many problems with this, not the least of which is that motivation quickly wanes.  Another is that people usually set goals that are way out of reach -- another reason for a quick deflation when these can't be met.

Using the change of seasons to reset your intentions, can help you to set smaller, more manageable goals, and in the process of that,  you can consistently refresh your energy so that you can have greater chances for success.

Each season is unique and as a result, it comes with its own benefits and advantages. That is why businesses that understand this move with season and trends too. A company will try as much as possible to create products that are evergreen and at the same time create products that are seasonal because they just have to make a profit.

Planning is key in a Season of Uncertainty or certainty

As you know that different result, comes in from company, economic data is there too, political policies too plus sudden change in policies; this is as direct response to daily activities in the economy, especially in this post-election which has a lot of unpredictable disruptions.

If you don't plan, how can you maneuver and be flexible if things don't go as planned? especially when you know that it is not within your direct control. As a result, when you don't plan how will you know which

1. Stock to choose..
2. What percentage will be your target.
3. If it does not go as planned then what is the alternative.
4. Which stock is dividend playing stock and earnings playing stock.
5. In your portfolio, which stocks carry the most percentage for investing.
6. Which stock will beat inflation.
7. If your stock target did not go as anticipated, when should you exist.
8. Defensive stocks that can withstand the volatility of the market

That is is why it commonly said that it is either you plan to succeed or you just fold your hands to fail.

However, planning can never be done alone or in isolation... That is why

...You must use this season to your advantage 

In this post-election marks a new season and as I said above each season has its own peculiarity and advantage.

Just as you can use or wear a raincoat during the hot weather, Also you cannot use pre-election knowledge and trend, it is about to fail because the seasons are just not the same. You must use your knowledge combined with the knowledge of other experts to predict the movement.

To Buttress further, you must have constructed or being where a house or a fantastic monument, construction was carried out. It is a collective effort of everyone there.

Also in an hospital, during a major medical operation, the successful Operation is a collective effort of everyone because no man is an island.

For the market to thrive, it entails a lot of companies being listed there.

This is why Mastermind is very important because Every mind needs friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth. Also, Don't forget to factor in the political, and economic instability that is outside your control.

So, if you are serious about profiting in the vast opportunity the Q2 2023, you will do everything to join the Masterclass Q2

InvestData Master Class to the rescue

As you know that, when it boils down to stock, you must be in a Stock Market Mastermind group. You must attend and follow the instructions and actions needed to be taken.

That is why all groups InvestData Groups from

WhatsApp, Telegram and Questions and answers are for friendly and harmonious coexistence of Investors and Traders who with the goal of getting the best out of the market daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

That is, why the MasterClass coexist in other to Plan for the purpose of achieving a common goal which is to profit from the market quarterly either bear or bull; volatile or non volatile

Hence, I hereby announce 2023 Q2 Masterclass: Post-Election Investment Opportunities For Consistent Profits In 2023


  1. Nigeria: Post-Election Investment Opportunities, Sectors & Industry
  2. Managing Trade & Investment Risk In A Post-Election Year, Using Technical Analysis Tools
  3. Positioning Ahead Of Policy Shift By New The Administration On May 29, 2023
  4. Identifying The Changing Trends & Patterns In A Post-Election Environment To Boost Trading

Date: 1st April, 2023

Venue: Zoom

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Wondering??? Why you must take action or what you will get?

Q2 2023 Investdata Master Class

Theme: Post-Election Investment Opportunities For Consistent Profits In 2023

This volatile market is not going away any time soon. We have not seen many times like this, since our democratic government started in 1999 with general elections and post covid 19 era that had changed the market holding structure of more local participation which had supported these current trends and patterns.  So, its more important than ever to have the best tools and knowledge to benefit most out of this cycle, as post-election environment once again creates opportunities for money-making moves. That is why I am excited to share something New and Unique in Q2 Master Class.

Great! Apart from the Hot Stocks which I can't wait to take position in Q2 2023, what other benefit will I get?

To effectively take advantage of changing trading patterns and the oscillating stock market, active traders and investors must stay ahead of the new market structure and conversant with strategies used by institutional investors or smart money.

So, in this MasterClass you will learn strategies and techniques on how to create cash flow and capture winning trades in 2023 Q2 market cycle.

  • Discover how successful traders and investors wake up Knowing how the market and trades are likely to move
  • Learn how technical traders Catch market turns and Ride the waves in days or weeks
  • How following Trends and Patterns can boost your reading returns
  • Simple and effective short term trading strategy you can implement in just minutes a day
  • How to quickly identify the best trades and investing opportunities to win over 80% of the time
  • The power of economic reforms and technology in driving sectors and industry growth.
  • What makes a pro a pro as you start thinking and trading with confidence like a pro
  • 5 Stocks to beat inflation in 2023

If I do things on my own, what will happen...

Frankly, nothing will happen because it does not remove anything away from your self-esteem. It is just that you will not be able to determine the position of your current portfolio in the post-election as nothing is really static.

Furthermore, you will be able to determine whether you should continue with some positions or off them because of clear obvious fact backed by fundamental, technical and other factors beyond technical and fundamental analysis.

Simply put, apart from the 5 golden stocks, participating in the Q2 Masterclass will help you seize opportunities and reposition your portfolio due to obvious reality. After all, you cannot use a raincoat in a dry season; you are bound to mess your body with immense heat. So, don't gamble with the opportunities in Q2 post-election.

Will there be a discount? Expired 25th March, 2023

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Mr. Rasaq Abiola Mr. Rasaq Abiola, CSCS

Topic: The Power of Earnings in a Post Pandemic Shift & Political Uncertainty

Mr Abdul-Rasheed Momoh Mr Abdul-Rasheed Momoh, Head Capital Market, TRW Stockbroking Limited

Managing Trade & Investment Risk In A Post-Election Year, Using Technical Analysis Tools

Alhaji  Kurfi Garba Alhaji Kurfi Garba , MD/CEO APT Securities & Funds Ltd

Positioning Ahead Of Policy Shift By New The Administration On May 29, 2023

Mr. Ambrose Omordion Mr. Ambrose Omordion, CRO Investdata Consulting Ltd

Identifying The Changing Trends & Patterns In A Post-Election Environment To Boost Trading Returns