Your Life and Investment Opportunities Beyond COVID 19 inVarious Assets have just been Expanded

Ambrose Here Again,

To successfully make it in the market you need to continuously study. Today, there are 2 categories of traders and investors: winners and losers. It is a law that some people will excel and become successful without violating the rights of others, others will suffer loss in the market.

While it is not my intention to mock anyone here; my singular objective is to let you know that whatever result you get regarding your portfolio is strictly your choice, whether by way of a conscious decision, or otherwise.

These 2 categories are everywhere in politics, business, economy, schools, or any other life endeavour. A classical example is football competition where a winner must emerge and go home with the coveted trophy. There is nothing like either/or, just as there is nothing like staying on the fence.

So, when it comes to how to invest on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, there has to be constant and continuous education. In fact, as long as you are an investor or trader, you must continue learning, because the market’s invisible curriculum is constantly changing, just like the global and domestic economic dynamics. Inclusive of when you were sleeping.

A classic example is the novel covid-19 pandemic which has destabilized the economy, shutting down businesses and, indeed the entire economy of nations, while reducing the buy power of Nigerians. What has also changed is the way things are done across the country. Many people today talk about the NEW NORMAL everybody must live with. Employers have found better and cost effective ways of doing business.

Furthermore, with reduction in interest rate by the Central Bank of Nigeria, and increase in fuel price, what will market reaction be?

Many of these developments are outside of your control. As such, your concern should be how to positively respond to the changes. Will you dwell in the past hoping and praying that a miracle happens?

Or, are you banking on different government policies to determine what happens to your portfolio. If you have been following me, I always offer recommendations on what policies will help the economy. But then, I don’t have power to determine policies that government should adopt. What I can control is how on help you guard against the negative effects of such policies.

What this means is that for your to be a winner, you must continuously study and belong to one or more investment groups. It is possible you have always done things your way and without the help of others. Yes you may be right. However, you would achieve more when you partner others.

As a trader or investor, there is need for you to seek like minds with whom you share ideas about economic direction, government policies and company news likely to impact earnings.

Over the years of organizing training sessions that bring together top notch investors and traders for hours of engaging discussion regarding the next direction the market is likely to take, based on emerging scenarios. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic we have not been able to meet however, the market did not stop because as long as we are still alive, trading will still continue in the market.

Similarly, you too must not stop learning about the different dynamics of the consciousness of over 180 million which is always changing. Policies that are relevant today, may become counterproductive for an investor. In addition, I have also received several calls, text messages and WhatApp on how to successfully trade during this New Normal.

Hence, I hereby announce a mastermind seminar title LIFE BEYOND COVID-19: INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN VARIOUS ASSET CLASSES Via Zoom on 26th September 10:00am to 2:00pm. It is a powerful seminar and you must be there. Fortunately, it will be via zoom so the risk of travelling and costing of renting a hotel have been removed for you. You are just to ensure that you have enough data.  So, on the 26th of September, 2020 will be looking at the below topics:

  • Life Beyond the Pandemic: Personal Financial Planning, Investment and Trading Strategies in a Low Yield Environment
  • How to Buy and Sell Stocks Profitably during Recession, Recovery and Boom
  • Economic Recovery Scenarios; What’s the Fate of Equities and Other Assets Classes
  • The Paradox of Declining Interest Rate and Rising Inflation: Confusion or New Realities for Investors
  • The New Thinking in Fixed Income Market: Today and Tomorrow
  • Outlook for Alternative Asset Classes: Where are the ETFs, Commodities, REITS and Real Estate Opportunities
  • Portfolio Restructuring and Rebalancing for Positive Returns Ahead of Market Rebound
  • The Power of Earnings Quality, Value and Dividends in Equity Investment

I am so sure that after you attend the Seminar, you will be able to

  • You will be able to clearly identify where exactly are the opportunities in the equity market fixed income and other
  • You will know which sectors or markets provide the post covid 19 investment opportunities
  • How you can take advantage of low interest regime and others to build a profitable portfolio
  • You will be able to identify prevailing market moves and who are the dominant players
  • You will comprehensively understand what Smart Money and How Retail investors Make Decision with it
  • Like prosperous Investors, you will know when to enter the market or exit
  • You will discover and be able to use the strategy for investing everyday, Quarterly and annually

Is the Spot Limited?

Now! I must let you know that in order to make the seminar effective in your portfolio, the spots that are available are not much. It is a matter of first come first serve. That is, once that figure is complete I will not allow further participation until next training. By then you would have been gambling with your portfolio. So, click on the below link to register Now while you still have the time.

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Are mine the only one to train you on Zoom?

Frankly, no man is an island on its own. As a result, Seven tested traders/analysts have been selected to handle a wide range of topics capable of giving a full grasp of INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN VARIOUS ASSET CLASSES and be able to get started immediately. Hence, Click on the table below for a list of the speakers and topics for discussion.

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Is This what You Are Thinking Right Now?

One more thing, you might decide that

  • You don’t need it. Fantastic!
  • You might decide that you will be very busy that day with other activities which is okay too.
  • You can also decide that you can do it without attending the seminar which okay too.
  • You might also say that it is the same face that are the expert which is okay.
  • You might also decide that you know better than me after all no man is an island which is okay.
  • You might decide to procrastinate and keep pushing your registration which is okay too.
  • You might decide that you are not convenient with your phone as excuse which is okay too.
  • You might decide that Saturday 26th September is not convenient for you which is is okay,
  • You might decide that you want to attend the physical class and stick with the old school because you don’t know how to use zoom App,
  • You might might decide that in the previous seminar, you will not really take the necessary action so why should you attend.

Like I have earlier said, life is full of choices, you can only take a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink water. So, I have painstakingly created all the knowledge you need to safeguard your portfolio and guard against any form of loss under any economic condition.

Furthermore, this is your hard earned cash; once lost cannot be found and I am sure that you don’t want it to disappear overnight because of some obsolete knowledge or personal bias. This is an opportunity to, like Emerson will say "I let the other man do the talking and learn from him." I also want you to make that decision to participate and leave your comfort zone because nothing good comes easy, it comes with its own pain and I know that you can do it. So click on the link to reserve your spot so that you won't miss out.

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At Investdata Consulting, we deliver world-class services to all participants. Hear what investors who attended our previous seminars have to say:

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Ambrose Omordion