Welcome. you are just one STEP AWAY from Discovering how to precisely predict the trend of the Market like a pro

If you are a serious investors who wants predict the uptrend, downtrend and sideways of the market then you must take action before it is too late.

Ambrose Here Again,

If you still remember couple of months ago, we launched Introduction to Technical Analysis and a lot of investors and Traders responded very well. If you are among them then I am very happy for you because taking the next step to support your investment decision will be easy.

However, if you did not take action in the previous launch too, here is another opportunity again to decide if you are in or out.

That aside...

If you remember, during most of my Technical Analysis illustration either in questions and answers Class or during our seminar, I used chart to explain a lot of trends and how to use it to make fantastic investment decisions.

You Asked for it

Especially, during one of my Trainings, it was specially requested by investors to do a training videos on Technical Analysis so that they can easily interpret chart of any stock market using the different variables that are available.

I understand that you are not really interested in becoming a guru, but to have an understanding so that when you are making an investment decision, or it is your broker that is about to make it, you will be able to balance it with both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. This will help you eliminate guesses because your decisions will be based on facts and figures.

Although, you might be wondering if you really need it. Well, I won't go on to explain deep than to tell you that as long as you have invested or traded your hard earn money, Technical Analysis is sacrosanct for you to have the knowledge. It is the language of the market.

It is one of the prerequisite requirement of the market; which for years very few people have the complete knowledge. But that is all over because of the below. keep reading

As an investor or trader, you must understand how technical analysis works so that you can have an in-depth analysis then profit out of it. However, there are different aspect of Technical Analysis and as a result, I have gone through the pain of ensuring that I take it from the foundation and understanding of key concepts and how they actually interact with other tools in other to profit out of the market.

As a parent, the foundation and environment of a child is a very key determinant of what the child will become in the future. That is, if the child is given a solid foundation in terms of education and exposure then you know that he or she will be successful but if it is built on a shaky and rusty foundation then you are leaving the child's success to chance.

Similarly, this Investdata Technical Toolbox for Buy and Sell Decision Home Study Pack is also fundamental for you. This is a comprehensive pack loaded with 6 Training courses. It is a must have if you are serious about understanding how the market works; after all nothing is really new under the sun.

Fortunately,  Investdata Technical Toolbox for Buy and Sell Decision Home Study Pack composes of 6 highly impact and practical Training Courses:

  1. Introduction to Technical Analysis Training Videos

  2. ABC Stock Market Training Videos

  3. Profitable Trading with MACD

  4. Profitable Trading and Investing using Trend Support and Resistance

  5. Playing Stock Market Profitably with MFI

  6. Understanding RSI for profitable Trading and Investing

will improve your knowledge and help you make better decisions where you are a novice or professional trader or investor

Okay Ambrose, I am ready. How much is it?

Usually, I would have sold it at a premium price. That is if you were to go for one-on-Training, you will pay nothing less than N350,000 but that is not what I am after. What has always given me a drive is the ability to change people’s life financially.

AND because I love rewarding serious investors who always TAKE ACTION…

So before 30th October, 2021

You’ll get it at launch price and afterwards the price will revert back to its original price which is N15,000 per training course. However, it has 2 categories

Category 1: First time of Investing in Technical Analysis Videos

Original Price= N90,000.00

Launch Price= N55,000.00


Category 2: You have already invested in

  1. Introduction to Technical Analysis Training Videos and
  2. ABC Stock Market Training Videos

Original Price= N90,000.00

Launch Price= N40,000.00

Decision Time for Smart Investors!

Now, here is the decision time, in other to finalize your spot for the , you need to follow the below STEP

Please Pay into Zenith Bank 1013033032. After Payment Send the details of your payment including name, email address and phone number to 08028164085 to complete your reservation before the early bird opportunity closes tomorrow 11:59pm 30th October, 2021

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